I wasn’t trying to costume shame, just going for irony. Before I go any further into this blog entry, here’s an update on my tablet situation: it’s still taking forever. They changed the delivery date to the 16th-20th which means I will be without a tablet for even longer. Making this comic was a slight challenge and I relied heavily on copy and pasting lol drawing with just a mouse is not a skill I yet possess. If anyone wants to help me populate the site with content, perhaps fan art or comics, I will put them in the next story arc as a thank you.

Now on to your regularly scheduled cosplay blogging.

There is a certain joy to buying up all the foam at my local Harbor Freight.

I’d buy more if there was more to buy. Every time I get a coupon I go in and grab what I can. I’m almost certain at some point the employees there are going to notice me buying up all their foam and wonder what the hell I’m doing with it. I don’t know if my answer that I’m trying to become a video game character will make me seem less weird or not.

Ian, my friend in this comic wearing the ONI lab coat, has been a regular help with the costume. He’s opened his shop up to me as a place where I can work on the parts and get his help. Which I desperately need lol I talked a bit about his Monitor replica that he built in the last blog I posted. I kind of created a Halo persona for him. Here’s a more detailed illustration

Backstory: An ex-marine turned ONI xeno-archaeologist discovered the lifeless husk of a monitor during one of their excavations. After repairing it, the monitor awakens with no memory beyond its name. It develops a preference for working with Ian out of gratefulness for the repair, and ONI decides to keep Ian assigned as his monitor’s caretaker in hopes that he can eventually restore its memory fully.

Ian and his wife said they actually plan to make a cosplay for him for this year’s San Diego Comic Con so it’ll be cool to see this character come to life even further! haha