So as the current story arc comes to its close and I shift my focus to other projects, I decided to actually go forward with one of them. I joined the 405th Halo costuming community in the summer of 2015 and it has become a crazy important and exciting part of my life. I’ve mentioned it here and there but only recently have I began really merging my comic and cosplay hobbies.

As I work on my everlasting website rebuild, I figured it might be fun to come up with a┬áblog of some sort to regularly keep up with on the website. When I started DairyBoy Comics, I did regularly post blogs entries but there wasn’t really a reason to. I said all I had to say about the comics themselves in the blog section of each page. An additional blog was redundant and I ultimately deleted all of them and just focused on the comic itself. But as my involvement with the 405th increased and I was thrown into the world of cosplay and armor building, I realized that that was something to talk about. That was something to share that I wouldn’t regularly get to discuss in my comic blog.

Many of my friends have cosplay personalities and maintain posts and pictures about their costuming adventures, so I figured it’d be fun to join in on it. The blog will always have a 405th Adventures comic. The post schedule is pretty much just when I have a subject worth blogging and making a comic about, but I will try for at least one per month.

This comic was a test run. It was a surprise for my friend Ben, the 405th’s fearless leader, for his birthday. It’s a good start and also shows off my favorite aspect of the 405th: it’s very much like being in a real episode of Red Vs Blue (and one time, we literally were in an episode of Red Vs Blue).

Image may contain: fire

Whoever is playing Tucker in this image is SO INCREDIBLY SEXY THO.

One year with the 405th was full of many adventures and conversations worthy of a comic series, and so this comic was needed as my way of capturing those experiences. I hope my cosplay friends enjoy the comics, and for anyone who hasn’t gotten into cosplaying yet, I hope it inspires you to do so.