So I’m sure you’ve all heard about Xbox One doing a 180 (getting the system the nickname Xbox 180) and removing their DRM policies and restrictions. No more required 24 hour check-in. No more used game restrictions. Good news right? This is what everyone was spazzing out about so now they’re surely happy, right? Right??

Not what I’ve noticed. NOW, all of a sudden, the DRM was okay because those things were a price to pay for some great features. Now those features won’t be in the Xbox One. I’m starting to realize that people just complain whenever over whatever. It has me unsure what to think about all of it anymore.

My biggest fear pre-DRM removal was that Xbox One wouldn’t sell enough and it would have repercussions on things such as the Halo TV show or future Halo games or anything Halo. Cause Halo. Now here we are post-DRM removal and I’m seeing just as many complaints with a slightly higher rate of people being positive about the Xbox One.

I don’t think anyone was ever truly against changing the consoles. Microsoft took a big leap though and it scared everyone. It really should have met everyone in the middle more. I think an “offline” mode would have been beneficial. The cloud updates and add-ons to the gameplay would only be with Xbox One exclusives, since third party games would have to be built to work on the PS4 as well and thus not utilize the cloud. So why would an “offline” mode that can play third party games not work?

Whatever. It is what it is now. Microsoft didn’t do the best of jobs selling it. They spent too much time tip-toeing around these hard questions and set themselves up for being the “anti-consumer” and gave Sony an edge.

But here’s to the next console generation! The tech is in the Xbox One, even if its not being used. So maybe we can see it utilized little by little as the world becomes more and more digital friendly?