Just to be clear, I’m getting both the systems. And until I’m playing them both I can’t really tell you which I think is better. But based on the polls, the PS4 seems the better pick. I mean look at any polls out there and a good 80-90% of voters picking between the two go with Sony.

And who can blame those who are switching over? Sony’s show was practically screaming “pro-consumer” while Microsoft’s came off as the opposite. Whatever good things the Xbox One is offering in return for its restrictions and policies might not matter if they can’t get the system sold!

Do I think this is the end of MS gaming division? No. But the numbers don’t lie. The PS4 will sell better than it. I’m hoping Microsoft can fix the things that are making their system so unappealing. In the least they may end up dropping the price tag.

For all we know, the restrictions and check-ins could turn out to be minimal down-sides to what turns out to be a great console. But it looks like if that’s the case, not many people will be finding that out first hand! haha