They have announced the composer of the music for Halo 4, Neil Davidge. According to the Making Halo 4: Composing Worlds, Davidge is well known for his work. What excites me about him is the same thing that excites me about all the employees at 343i. So many people working there left their current jobs and projects entirely because they wanted to be a part of Halo’s future. Davidge himself was a huge Halo fan whose played the games since the first one, and is passionate about being the composer for the newest game.

So many Halo fans are complaining in the forums that Marty cannot be replaced. Yes, Marty was amazing. I don’t care much for the plotline of Halo: Reach’s campaign, but damn if the soundtrack of that game wasn’t the greatest thing to ever happen to me, especially the opening of Tip of the Spear. Marty built the rock that is the music of the Halo universe, and I have no doubt that Davidge acknowledges, admires, and is building off that rock while doing something he feels is his own.

From what I heard, his tracks are great! I can’t wait to hear them in Halo 4, game-play and cut-scenes alike, and then get the CD and just listen to them as they are.