Bryan’s first appearance since the art update. As you can see he appears more Asian than his previous incarnation. This makes far more sense, considering his last name is Chow and he’s supposed to be Asian.

I figured Bethesda was announcing a game that they were only publishing. I was also expecting Fallout 4 like everyone else but when they shot down the rumors via twitter prior to the announcement, I knew it was going to be a game they weren’t actually developing. There’s no way they would throw a third game franchise into their cycle, considering how long fans of their two franchises have to wait in between entries.

The new game is a horror I guess? I didn’t look into it much. Other than Silent Hill I don’t follow horror games, especially since all of them are more action thrillers now. And I don’t really pay attention to the new Silent Hill stuff either, though I was considering getting Downpour.

Oh and Amnesia is really good as far as well-done actually scary horror games go.