So I found all the terminals in Halo: Anniversary PLUS the 11th terminal provided through Halo Waypoint.

After reading Halo: Glasslands and getting all the terminals, I’m starting to piece together what the premise of Halo 4 is going to be about. There are a lot of things I predicted that actually look like are getting hinted at.

I, as well as a few fellow Halo fans in various forums, had strung together a few scenarios. One scenario is the return of the Forerunners to find that the galaxy is [FRONK]ed up, leading to them deciding to wipe it all clean, similar to the premise of Mass Effect. Another version of this scenario would be the Precursors returning, rather than the Forerunners. I liked the idea of the Precursors being the bad guys, entirely because even the Forerunners as advanced as they were believed the Precursors to be gods just because the Precursors were so freaking advanced that the Forerunners couldn’t figure out their technology, keep in mind that the Forerunners were also very, very advanced. Plus Forerunner legends depict the Precursors as the gods who created the universe. So I mean, what’s more epic than these god like beings appearing in the galaxy and saying “time to start over” and Master Chief stepping up and saying “yeah…I don’t think so”.

There are a lot of cool direction they can go with, since 343 is taking the route of bringing the Forerunners from mysterious back story to active characters and events.