I like that all of Halo 4’s achievements are not luck based. Bungie was dicks when it came to achievements. What is this shit? Triple kill with Spartan laser on lone wolves on one specific map?

You have to play a lot of multiplayer, and I mean a LOT, to have those odds work out for you to be in position to do that. And even then you can still miss it.

343i solved this issue by having common sense and not having multiplayer achievements. Achievements should be incentive to keep enjoying the single player experience. You don’t need to give that incentive to the multiplayer. The point of multiplayer is to kill the people you’re playing against, not achieve pulling off some insane stunt. All multiplayer achievements do is spawn a huge breed of players trying to get those achievements and don’t care what’s happening in the game.

I assume the fans will rage and demand multiplayer achievements with DLC, I just hope its reasonable stuff. Obtaining a certain rank or winning so-and-so number of matches, that’s something anyone can pull off with the amount of time they’ll own the game.