I was unfortunate enough to encounter a spoiler for The Force Awakens just a week before it was in theaters. Basically, a page uploaded an image that was obviously a spoiler, and someone’s response to people being upset with the image was that people are “entitled” and “man babies” among other asinine insults.

I absolutely hate that internet culture involves someone going out of their way to ruin an experience for someone else, and the response to that person being upset is “stop being upset, you can’t, it violates my right to be a douche”.

Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame, and that’s all spoiling a movie is for. For a short block of time, everyone hates you and you feel important because they’re paying attention to you, and then you go back to practically not existing. Which is pathetic to say the least. There will never be an end to it, unfortunately, unless being a douche goes out of style but as internet anonymity has taken away the consequences of being a shitty person, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Deleting Facebook is probably the best step to dealing with most spoiler troubles, among other things. In fact deleting my facebook account would probably be the best course of action with dealing with quite a few of my problems. But then I can’t interact with my fans.

That’s right, I tolerate Facebook because I love you guys.