343 founder Bonnie Ross recently announced that all Halo games will have splitscreen going forward.

I’ve discussed this topic in detail and have even done a comic on it.

To discuss it again, knowing what I know now, the reason splitscreen was cut was because the game as it was at that stage in development couldn’t run at the desired framerate they were shooting for AND also run splitscreen. The team ultimately decided trying to implement splitscreen would take far too much time away from finishing everything else in it, and that leaving it out would allow them to make sure everything else was good.

The problem is, everything else sucked. The gameplay was fine but the game itself was an utter disappointment at launch and it wasn’t until months of patching in content that it even stood its grounds against a game like Halo Reach at its launch. And if you were a campaign/lore fan, the game is still a pile of hot garbage.

That mini rant on Halo 5 established, it was just more dirt in the wound that people at least couldn’t do some local splitscreen with their friends. I mean, it’s been tradition in my family to co-op every Halo with my brothers. THEY DESERVE TO SEE HOW DISAPPOINTING THIS GAME WAS TOO DAMN IT.

SOOOOO notice how heated I’m getting? 343 noticed that in the vast majority of its fans and decided to never make that mistake again, which is fantastic news! The software company figured out that removing functionality from their products results in lack of sales. What do you know, capitalism works.