Though if it were Kenny dying I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal since he’d be in the next episode like normal anyways.

Anyways, if you haven’t beaten ACIII yet… uh… spoiler alert?

But yeah, Assassin’s Creed IV has already been announced. I guess that the naval and treasure hunting missions in ACIII were popular enough to have a spin off entirely focused on them. I agree that those were my favorite parts of the third game.

Had ACIII been given a decent conclusion, one that’s actually a, you know, conclusion, I would gladly have bought the next entry. But I’m sick of these cliche “sacrificial death” conclusions. Honestly. It’s not original anymore and every game I pick up that’s being pitched as the “conclusion” I can guess and will more than likely be right that it’ll end with the main character dying to save everyone else. It’s so overdone. At least that’s just my opinion.

I would have been more excited for Desmond to go home and see his Mom again. But whatever. Even with the sacrificial death, I would have been okay with the end if it made sense, but it didn’t. For those reasons, I’ll sit the next entry out.