UPDATE: The seller updated the shipping date for the new tablet to May 16th – 20th. Ugh.

SO good news and bad news.

Bad news first: My pen tablet broke! I have no way to make comics through any of my usual means for now.

Good news: I bought a new tablet like days before the pen for the old one broke. I’m only waiting on it to ship to me now. The expected arrival date is anytime between May 5th – 10th.

So in the meantime, I will do my best to update the site without it. I don’t feel I can provide full comics. I actually had a cool comic planned for Star Wars day but then the pen broke.

SO I decided to go back to the redo I was making of my first Shrek Souls piece. The big difference here, besides a little more detail on Quelaag, is I made this piece entirely in Illustrator! I am looking to make the switch to Illustrator once I get my new tablet in provide the comics a more crisp and clean look. I hope this piece serves as a demonstration of what I’ll hopefully be able to do in every comic.