So the season finale of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” was last Friday. As a Star Wars fan, once you abandon that bitching mentality and just enjoy Star Wars for Star Wars rather than complain that everything new from the franchise sucks, the Cartoon Network series is really fun to get into. Sure, it’s geared more to kids. You see Anakin act more as a selfless hero and less like the dark-side destined character from the movies. And you also see interactions between characters that you would never see from the movies, some of which turn out pretty funny, such as General Grievous having a “diplomatic” meeting with Jar-Jar Binks.

Once again, you have to abandon the bitching mentality to enjoy the show haha

But this show has done what a couple other Star Wars media have done, which is ride the Darth Maul popularity bandwagon. While I liked Darth Maul, I think his popularity is exaggerated by the franchise creators themselves. Likely hood is Darth Maul sold a shit ton of action figures, so they do what they can to keep him relevant so they can keep on selling them action figures.

Recent events of the third and fourth season of “The Clone Wars” have done kind of what I’m talking about. This comic I guess is my own over-exaggeration of it hahaha