So I found out today that Steve Jobs passed away. I didn’t find out it was cancer until later, but I sort of put two and two together when I remembered him resigning a month or two ago.

I had intended the regular “OAHSL” story to continue today into its next story¬†arc, but I felt like I needed to address this. We grew up in the iPod era. The iPods and iPhones and iPads have made our generation unique in the sense that we were the firsts to truly enjoy the next huge technological step to come. Not to mention all his contributions to the launch of the video game industry to which my life revolves around. I don’t always enjoy sitting down and making a completely new comic from scratch in less than a few hours, but Jobs really deserves this tribute. I feel I owe it to him so I had no problem sitting down and making this comic. May he bless heaven with a ton of cool devices that make eternal life so much more conveniant!