I guess while we’re here on the Kingdom Hearts topic, I might as well talk about Kingdom Hearts. It’s undeniable that Kingdom Hearts III will be the next title in the series. They’d be stupid not to. They put it off long enough trying to save Final Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts is on track to being the first relevant on-going series to completely skip a generation of consoles if they wait any longer.

Most everyone is speculating that III is just around the corner, and after being Dream Drop Distance I have to agree. Here’s what I hope to see in a new Kingdom Hearts game.

1. A new Utada theme song. Every game has been either Simple and Clean or Sanctuary. They’re both catchy but they’ve been used over and over and over, and a new numbered title should mean new song.

2. Less mini-game worlds. Now I don’t mean do away with the mini-games, just don’t devote an entire world to them. Honestly, it’s awful. The Little Mermaid’s world in KH1 was the most fun world there because you got to swim around and shit. The same world in KH2 was an atrocity. Singing? No. Just no. Put mini-games spread out, and as you come across them, give us a hub we can access them whenever in the main menu. Don’t throw away good quest opportunities in an entire world for that. (The only exception is Winnie-the-Pooh. I expect only to go on honey adventures and Tigger bounce competitions and garden harvesting with Rabbit when I go to the 100 Acre Woods.)

3. The widest most diverse collection of Disney worlds in any of the game’s we’ve seen so far. Every world visited at this point in any of the titles, console or handheld, plus at least half as many new worlds. I think that Treasure Planet and Wreck-It Ralph are must haves. This is the final showdown between the seven guardians of the light and the thirteen seekers of darkness, and I want to feel like the entirety of this universe is being effected by it.

4. Sora, Donald and Goofy. I think it’s fair to believe the story will revert back to following just those three, but its hard to say. A lot more characters are involved, but I would love to go back to that trio being our sort of avatars into this universe. There are other keyblade wielders, but this is Sora’s story. Let’s make him and his two best buds the focus again.

5. Larger, more alive levels. Something I felt was missing from all the worlds before were the people that live there. If you went to Agrabah, you saw Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Jafar, Abu and the Saltin. Obviously plot specific characters. But Agrabah is a massive city full of people constantly walking around going about their lives in any of the movies. It would be cool to have the levels feel that way in the game. It’s forgivable that it didn’t in any previous titles, since Kingdom Hearts 2 was already pushing what the PS2 was capable of pulling off as is. But we’re on higher tech now. It’s fair to say that having citizens of each world be going about their lives, and even running in fear when Heartless attack.

6. Sora-Kairi shipping. Their romance has been at this point kind of childish and innocent. They were fourteen when the story started so that made sense. But now they’re going on sixteen (WHOA looks like we got some big shots over here) and considering all that’s happened, I feel they’ve grown a lot more as characters, more than most kids their age would be. I want to see their relationship grow as well. In the least, just have Sora at the most inappropriate moment go “give me some sugar baby” and french her without any heads up or context.