I don’t entirely understand the waiting on an “official” name. I certainly hope they actually aren’t changing from the number system mid-saga. It’s reasonable to do so once the current story is concluded but the time for a name change was Halo 4 when the series was starting under a new developer. I thought it’d be cool to switch to like “Halo: Reclaimer”, but having the Reclaimer part of the name be focused on. And use Roman Numerals. But obviously Microsoft wants the “Halo” to be the first thing everyone sees since that’s the brand name.

I thought at first that the reason they were withholding the name was because the 2014 release was actually Halo 2 anniversary (it’s been 10 years since its release) and they didn’t want to go on stage at E3 to announce their first game on the Xbox One was a remake, considering Microsoft was having a tough time as it was. So the trailer was actually meant to just represent Halo as a whole being on the Xbox One. But they said in response to people asking about an H2 remake that while it could happen, they don’t feel now is the time. In other words, we won’t have it in 2014 haha

But hey look at this, here we are talking about it. I guess that’s just good marketing.