So yeah, back to the Spartan Assault topic. A lot of Halo fans have been complaining since 343 took the series that the franchise is just being milked and its too different and not the same as it was back when Bungie had it. But anything, ANYTHING that stays relevant for 10 years is going to be that way. That there is even anyone bringing that up is ridiculous. Things evolve. Halo started out a video game, now its a brand. It’s not like they’re cancelling their console games in favor of apps.

To use a Joker meme to explain the ridiculousness: “Star Wars creates a ton of needless merchandise and no one bats an eye. Halo creates a ton of needless merchandise and everyone loses their minds!”

Apps are popular, and the company wanted to try its IP in that field. And not a single piece of the sky crashed will crash to the Earth.

I’d love to try Halo: SA but again, I’m not a Windows 8 user and it isn’t worth the switch for me haha Come the hopeful day of an Xbox Live Arcade release, there will be some Spartan Assault fun times.