Derrick hasn’t appeared since the FFA story arc so I thought he was due to pop in.

So for all non-Halo fans, LASO (also known as Mythic) stands for Legendary All Skulls On. It’s a difficulty where you play on the games default hardest difficulty, and then turn on skulls, which are modifiers that add extra challenges. There’s iron, which sends you to the beginning of a level if you die. Black Eye requires you to have to punch an enemy to death to get your health back. Every game has a whole load of different skulls, most of which make the game hell, and LASO is played with ALL of them. So let’s say you’re a completionist and you want to collect every achievement in the game, well to do so in the Master Chief Collection, you have to complete every single game on LASO. In other words, you aren’t going to collect every achievement in the game haha

Nah it’s possible. It’s difficult. But it’s possible, and fun to figure out. There’s a strategy to it. Catch, a skull which makes every enemy who can throw grenades throw lots of them at a high rate, makes it so if you time your approach just right, you can get behind every enemy and punch them in back as they’re throwing the grenade. You have less than a second to do this, sure, but once you master that technique, you also get your health back every time you do it.

So I’m actually looking forward to eventually tackling the LASO playlists. May even recruit a fellow Spartan to co-op that madness with me. This is the best option since Iron in co-op just sends you to the last checkpoint, rather than the beginning of the level as it does when played solo. I think with another player and a whole lot of planning and watching other Halo fans who have conquered the LASO playlists and uploaded their adventure to Youtube, I may be able to make my way through each game. I’ll be crippled and bleeding to death through 99% of it, sure. But I will get the LASO Master achievement. It is my destiny.

And if all else fails, I’ll take a plane to Washington, break into 343’s offices, find the person or persons who thought up the LASO Master achievement, and then let them punch me in the face. And then I’ll raid their taco bar. I don’t know if 343 actually has a taco bar but I’m in favor of this idea.