So unfortunately the guest artist I had lined up for today actually had a really insanely busy week, unfortunate timing. I didn’t want her stressing too much about my guest week, so I sketched out a little gag to run today if she was unable to do a guest comic.

I know, I know, it’s poorly drawn and the joke is dumb, but then so are all my other comics lololololol *cries*

The Force Awakens trailer has gotten me really excited for Star Wars (as it has everyone on the internet) but particularly the villain who is totally reminding me of Revan. So I booted up a game in KotOR to play some old school Star Wars fun times. I’ve been wondering if the way the villain was designed was a direct homage to Darth Revan, and what if this new faction of Imperials will be similar to Revan’s sith empire? It’d be interesting to see a plotline similar to KotOR’s translated into the movie continuity.

Regular comics resume Monday! Can’t wait to get back into it again!