I’ve completed the first few DNA sequences of Revelations. I’m loving it so far. They’ve really changed a few things up. The whole shop renovating aspect from Brotherhood returns, as well as the liberating the city and training assassin’s parts. I’m not a big fan of the tower defense style gameplay they added. Basically, after you take out a Templar tower and make it a new Assassin territory, if you are on red status for too long  then the Templars attack it. At your own leisure, you can visit your den that’s under siege (yes, that sounds dangerously lazy), and begin the defense mode where you strategize setting up your assassins and holding off waves of Templars, ending with a Templar tank-like weapon that serves as a boss of the tower defense, in which you have to hit it with everything you’ve got. The first few times were fun but then it just got annoying, but its good motivation to stay incognito.

The other thing I like are the new collectibles: Animus data fragments. They replace feathers and flags from previous games, and at the same time, replace the glyphs. Basically, collecting these fragments unlocks the glyph equivalent for this game. I don’t want to give much away, but every five or so fragments will allow you to enter these levels where you solve more Portal style puzzles (I’ve only done the first one so far so I can’t tell you how difficult they become), while delving much deeper in Desmond’s character.

So yep. Revelations is just another example of how it’s publishers keep demanding more Assassin’s Creed, and the developers, instead of saying “aww man…another one of these games…”, actually say “HELL YES! LETS MAKE THIS ONE EVEN BETTER!!”