So for the first time in years, I’m actually really excited with E3’s announcements! Of course there are lots of negatives (spoiler alert, most of them are Microsoft’s) but I’ll get to that later. Right now I’m going to talk about every game that excited me!

First off, the theme of the comic. Of course we were going to see something from Halo at E3.

Halo on Xbox One trailer HERE.

Halo_5I’m glad that 343 realized this and still went out of their way to surprise everyone. Master Chief’s cloak was a little bizarre, but I liked it. It not only served as a way of throwing everyone off but also, if you look closely, you can see he isn’t wearing any armor under the cloak, at least not his chest, shoulder and back pieces. What I take from this is that 343 is going for a darker, more story driven plot line. THAT is why I never doubted my favorite franchise being in their hands.

Next up, Titanfall! Check out the trailer HERE.


Titanfall’s gameplay looked promisingly fun. I’d like tolearn more about the universe, but that’s something I’ll check out by playing it. I wasn’t too excited for a lot of Xbox’s non-Halo exclusives, but this one caught my attention.

To everyone’s delight came the return of Star Wars: Battlefront! Trailer HERE.


The CGI trailer was nothing more than that. A 30 second teaser. The lack of a “III” might mean that this is a reboot, so there could be a lot of things changed from the previous games. But in my opinion DICE does a pretty good job with their Battlefield games, and I’d love to see what they do with the Battlefront games. As long as its massive army vs. massive army (And please no custom loadouts or perks), it’ll be what everyone’s been waiting an inexcusable amount of time for.

EA was just full of pleasant surprises at their conference. The long demanded Mirror’s Edge 2’s trailer can be seen HERE.


Mirror’s Edge was too short. So very good, however. I’m glad to see the sequel is finally in the works. This and Battlefront’s return make for a good chance for EA to redeem themselves from their little “Worst Company In America” title! haha

Square Enix made E3 when they came with their two announcements. The first can be watched HERE.

final fantasy

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is another long awaited title. The concept was basically a game in the Final Fantasy universe, but with Kingdom Hearts style combat. However, they took that and just made this the next game in their franchise rather than having it set in the XIIIverse. I’m excited to see a new FF again that isn’t a crappy MMO that I’m probably the only one who remembers.

But it was Square’s next quick little trailer that took everyone by surprise! After a ridiculous amount of waiting, we finally saw a trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III!!! Watch it HERE.


I swear when that “Disney” logo appeared, I shit a brick. When Sora picked up his keyblade out of the sand, I was in chills. I’m so excited this is finally being made. If you recall, I talked about my expectations for this game in the blog of¬†THIS COMIC.¬†Kingdom Hearts III will be coming to Xbox One as well, but I’m going to finish this series on the Playstation 4. I’m happy to see that people who can only pick one or the other can enjoy this amazing game series.

We finally got some gameplay and info on Bungie’s new game! Trailer HERE.


Needless to say, I’m going to spend a massive chunk of my life playing this game with my friends. I love how they’ve made it social. And I’m excited to have a new universe to immerse myself into.

At Nintendo’s conference, my main highlight was Super Smash Bros coming to the 3DS. Trailer HERE.


Can’t go wrong with Mario titles such as this. I mean, I’d really rather Nintendo make a console with tech up to date, and give us HUGE games with their franchises. But their handhelds are always awesome. Can’t wait to play this on 3DS. Oh and it has Mega-Man. Enough said.