While on a Battlefront themed comic, there are two topics to discuss. Firstly, the comic’s theme.

So in December, Battlefront owners will be able to download a free level tied to the Force Awakens. I believe it is set during the Imperial era, so it won’t be during The Force Awakens and thus there will be no Force Awakens themed playable heroes (that we know of).

However, very different move on EA’s part to have DLC you don’t have to buy. I imagine this is more so LucasFilm’s doing, as they want to cross promote with the movie coming out at that time.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll be enjoying it. The reason why brings my to topic number two.

I wish I could actually be excited about Battlefront. I can’t say for sure until I see a complete match, beginning to end. But from what’s been shown and confirmed, it’s already a scrapped down version of Battlefront 2 that just looks pretty. Is that all new-gen sequel means now? Less features than the previous game but it looks nice? Oh sorry, its a REBOOT. They were very careful to call it that and I think this is why. It isn’t Battlefront, not the one we use to know.

To put it simply, EA had DICE make a game that was primarily what EA’s board, a bunch of people who don’t play video games, decided makes a good video game. Then they slapped on a brand name that they know everyone’s been wanting to see for a very long time. It’s a gold mine and we’re the miners who will be buried after all the gold’s harvested.

Galactic Conquest was the best reason to play Battlefront. Without that, it isn’t Battlefront. Eh. I know I haven’t see the game but I really don’t want to support it, I’m just too down about it honestly.

God’s honest truth, I’d have been happy with “Star Wars: Battlefield.” I’m not even a big follower of the Battlefield franchise but I would buy the Star Wars edition. I’d rather be sold something that’s different with a different title than something that’s got a title that means something, but content that doesn’t match.

I could easily be jumping to conclusions. Maybe every match plays just like the old Battlefront we use to know. But even if that’s confirmed, it’s still a significantly smaller game with laughably less features and game modes.

Disney selling all rights to the Star Wars franchise to EA was the worst mistake ever. Battlefront isn’t being done right. All Star Wars RPG’s will be done by BioWare and only BioWare and to be honest, while KotOR was an amazing game, I really really want to see a DIFFERENT type of RPG set in this universe that isn’t “see enemy, click on enemy, click on attack, watch attack happen, repeat”.

Sure, maybe we’ll see a different developer eventually make a different type of RPG. And maybe BioWare will do something more like Mass Effect, with a more live action combat system.

I have to keep restating that, as a certain old as shit green elf once said, always in motion the future is. Maybe Star Wars games will one day bring me joy again. Until then, I’ll be on Tatooine hiding in exile, watching over the son of my best friend who killed his wife and became a robot.