So I’m working on transferring schools right not (yeah I guess I care enough about school to do stuff like that) so I decided to set this week aside to getting that stuff done. As well, I’m going to focus on planning a Comic Con trip this coming summer and that has some application stuff I need to mail with a portfolio (I’m trying to get a pro-badge, fyi).

So guest week! Whooo! First one ever. I’ll share some awesome “Austin’s Inferno” comics done by some very talented and hilarious web-comic artists I’ve met since I started doing this.

This first guest comic is done by Carlo Ostroat who does the awesome “Life…After Death”, a story about an out of work Grim Reaper dealing with every day life such as roommates and current events. There’s also a talking hot dog.

Carlo’s web-comic can be read HERE, and his twitter can be found HERE and his facebook page HERE!