So I just heard that the lead director of Halo 4 quit because he “wasn’t creatively excited about the game anymore”. That has to be the weirdest news ever. I mean, this guy is making a HALO game. In fact, he’s writing the story for a whole trilogy! Figure in how much money he’d make, and he’d be set for life! He could work on any project he honestly wanted to.

So I mean, did he just suddenly have a change of heart and wanted to work on something else? Or did what he come up with for Halo 4’s story stink so bad that he didn’t want his hands on it, even if it’d put his life on easy street?

This news is a little frightening for a Halo fan such as myself. I mean…I’m excited for Halo 4. I want to see some epic shit go down. But I also know enough that if they don’t nail the storyline PERFECTLY, then all anyone is going to be able to say is “they’re just milking it.” Which, obviously, they are milking it. I’m okay with milking as long as the milk is always sweet. Not sour.

Guess we’ll find out Holiday 2012. Lord knows I’m still gonna preorder it….