So apparently the position for Narrative Director opened up at 343. This has led to speculation that the lead writer behind Halo 5, Brian Reed, has been let go.

Halo 6 is in the middle of production, so chances are major rewrites right now could hurt the story. I don’t think Brian Reed left because he was let go or fired, I think he left because the fan base WANTED him let go or fired and he got tired of being so heavily critiqued (which may suck if the fault of Halo 5’s terrible writing was Microsoft’s fault and not his). Either way, I hope whoever jumps behind the drivers seat takes care of the narrative and is sensitive about it (and that Microsoft doesn’t try to muddle it the way rumors say they might have with Halo 5). Halo 5 may have created a Charlie Foxtrot of the narrative, but the potential to make it a good story is still there if the right writers pick it up and are allowed to do their job.

If I were them, I would stop trying to tell as big a story as they’re trying to tell. There’s too much happening and as a result, we don’t see enough of everything to feel satisfied. Halo 5 had potentially three different story ideas wrapped into one and as a result, none of those concepts felt explored enough. The opening of the game, Locke hunting down the Chief, would have been great if it had been fleshed out and better tied into the “Hunt the Truth” marketing campaign.

The battle for Sanghelios was the high point of the game, and an Osiris solo game about them aiding the Arbiter would have been a much better introduction for them. I consider it a mistake that they were introduced in the first game to feature Blue Team outside of the printed canon, it just made everyone upset that we were playing too much of the game as the wrong characters.

And lastly, the most important plot of the game surrounding the Guardians would now be left open to be properly fleshed out in a way that didn’t seem so sudden and insulting to long time fans of the series.

So I think their best bet with Halo 6 is to pick one theme and stick to that theme. Whatever other ideas they get, shelve those ideas. Its not like Microsoft is going to stop letting them make Halo games, there will always be opportunity to tell the other stories.

BUT again, at this point in production, whatever ideas have been decided on in Halo 6 will require a LOT of shifting around to change. So I hope whatever the new guy is working with is not as much a mess as Halo 5 was.