After thinking about Kingdom Hearts III more, I came to some more things I’d want to see in it. Continuing from the last post:

7. The Disney worlds need to have something to do with the storyline. In Kingdom Hearts 1, that was the case. But in Kingdom Hearts 2 we were only visiting those worlds for the sake of dropping by, and the quests we went on there were only tied to that world and not an overall story arc. Eventually we got some stuff about the Organization going on, but most the levels we kinda just put into the story just to give the gang something to do on that world in particular. So on top of seeing more Disney worlds, I’d like for them to be far more involved with the on-going events of the Keyblade war.

8. Gummi Ship flying. It’s an arguable trait of the game, but I think it would be cool to be let off the tracks of the mini-game, and actually be able to fly around free controls in space. As well, maybe integrate these missions into the storyline more? Let the ship they’re flying actually be acknowledged! When you visit a world for the first time, show a short cinematic of your ship landing. At some point in the plotline, show Sora and friends actually get in their ship and take off after a bad guy into space. Maybe even fight actual plot important bosses out in space. So many other sci-fi elements have been introduced to the series, but this is the only one that was a part of it from the beginning, and it gets the least attention. As well, maybe let us walk around the inside of the ship and talk to the crew (assuming more characters tag along other than just Sora, Goofy and Donald) before we pick our next destination a la Mass Effect.

9. Time travel was brought into the story in Dream Drop Distance, so I think this is necessary to have in KH3 to some degree to make some worlds possible. Peter Pan’s sequel where Wendy is an adult is one, as well as Lion King 2, both in the future. Then in the past we have bizarre sequels that aren’t really sequels but stories that take place during the first movie, such as Tarzan 2 or Beauty and the Beast 2.