While it’s certainly not a rule, I do tend to enjoy throwing together some filler art at the end of every story arc, either related to the arc or just something I wanted to draw. In this case, I wanted to make the Friends movie poster from the background into something more legit looking.

I didn’t really share any of the process for the movie story arc so I shall do that here, assuming anyone’s interested in the making-of of each “episode”.

The first page of the arc was actually an idea I came up with back in 2011, when I assumed that every Star Wars movie was going to get a theatrical 3D release as Phantom Menace did. My plan was originally to just do it as a one off gag the next time a Star Wars movie got a re-release, presumably Episode II. But then as we know, the 3D project was cancelled in exchange for focusing entirely on the sequels (definitely a smarter move). So then I held onto the gag for when a Star Wars movie was released.

But coming up to the release and waiting in line for the movie, I came up with this funny idea to have a handful of characters going to watch, each one having their own little annoyance to deal with. Austin facing the Popcorn Menace again was a no brainer. The idea to have Bryan needing to use the bathroom just came from that fact that we’ve all been there.¬†Alberto’s subplot symbolized the struggle of trying to enjoy a movie before an asshole and/or idiot ruins it for you, much more difficult in the modern age of interbutts.

Taking a second look at this arc, I think I’m going to go back and do the lighting of the theater better. I just had a hur-dur-dur moment when I realized there is no light coming from the actual movie screen haha I’ll get to that eventually. Probably.

ANYWAYS. I’m going ahead with the next story arc this Monday. I’ve mentioned before, but there’s going to be an interactivity experiment this time, so I can’t wait to get to that point in the arc haha