The first thing anyone who has heard about Disney shutting down LucasArts needs to know is the following:


LucasArts was just a publisher. Games like Battlefront II and KOTOR, they were all made by other developers such as Pandemic (R.I.P.) and Bioware. And the two I just listed there are regarded as the greatest Star Wars video games of all time.

Games that they did partake in developing were the Force Unleashed titles, even then they didn’t do it alone. Don’t get me wrong, when I got Force Unleashed I played that game non-stop and to this day is still fun, though I can acknowledge its faults and understand how it didn’t live up to some of the fan’s expectations. Force Unleashed II however was complete shit.

LucasArts used to put out lots of titles, and among the easily ignored crap were the jewels that defined the Star Wars game franchise. As of late, LucasArts barely put out any games, and the last two were Kinect Star Wars and Force Unleashed II. And don’t get me started about the Battlefront III they had practically finished but chose not to publish, because [FRONK] you that’s why.

Disney isn’t unjustly killing the studio (or in the case of my comic, blowing it up) as they are putting it down. Star Wars games don’t need a personal publisher anymore, because Disney is the publisher. They’re the ones doing all the funding, marketing and distributions of all things Star Wars, which is what a publisher does.

Now we can thank LucasArts for the few times they didn’t rush their developers at lightspeed through an asteroid field, and gave us great games such as Battlefront II and KOTOR. As well, we can look forward to a publisher that isn’t afraid of giving developers time and money, and hopefully, maybe, if we’re lucky, hold in our hands Battlefront III.