I made the decision to build my foam armor a year ago at Comic Con 2016. The comic above then proceeded to happen. I didn’t make my Wonder Con deadline, nor my Comic Con 2017 deadline. I’m not even a little bit close lol but I have shifted a big focus over to getting the older comics fixed up, which is step one of redoing the website. So at least I have a better excuse than procrastination, though Kingdom Hearts straight up ate a huge chunk of my time a while ago…

ANYWAYS. Comic Con was a lot of fun as always. I attended Rave of Thrones this year and partied 20 feet away from the actual Hodor. He was the DJ of the event haha

Also Microsoft featured some great photos of my cosplay friend’s and I.

And worry not, I have some caption fun times prepared as well. A downside of cosplaying is I don’t take my phone out as much to take pictures but I still always manage to get some goofy stuff haha