So a while ago I asked if there was anything special anyone wanted me to do for the 800th comic, and a talk show with Zsa’Kith and Socky came into the fray. Hope this fulfills the request.

While you read this, I am currently at San Diego Comic Con! When I return, I’ll be doing one of my cosplay blog posts with a comic and hopefully some cool pics with captions from the event, as is the norm after my con trips. After that, I’ll be starting up the reader driven story arc I’ve been planning. Where as the football story arc pretty much just took crazy ideas with no guidelines, this will instead follow the adventures of a hero within the Austin’s Inferno universe. At the end of each comic, there will be a decision the hero must make that anyone reading may vote on.

The character this story arc follows is one we’ve already met, but what we never got to see was their secret identity. So I’m excited to tell this story, while letting you guys decide how it happens!