Soooooooooo y’all might be wondering why there’s a new comic up on a Wednesday night. So I will explain that. Right now.

This story arc is looooooooooooong. Definitely the longest arc I’ve ever written. It’s already almost twice the length of the longest arc I’ve written so far (which I think might be the FFA one). I didn’t intend it to be this lengthy but as I wrote it out, I liked how it read. I didn’t want to rush certain things. Maybe the opening before I had fully written the arc could have been shortened in some ways, but I was writing them as I came to them the first few weeks, and wasn’t until after that that I sat down and wrote the whole thing out. Anyways.

I guess the reason I wrote the arc so long was because in my head, I consider each story like an episode of a TV show. I use the Simpson’s style “three act” structure. Act one was Austin and Bryan’s training. Act two was Miranda spreading the Wastebook app, and it taking over everyone’s minds. We’ve started Act three, which is going to be how this whole mess gets cleaned up (or it doesn’t and everyone dies and I just conclude it like that, don’t push me I’ll do it I’ll kill off everyone permanently and then start a spin-off exclusively about John Hills’ hair. Not John Hills, just his hair.) What’s funny and dreadful at the same time is that this isn’t the longest arc I have planned.

Okay I keep rambling and getting off topic. SO. I have counted another 23 comics left in this arc. Yeah I know. Maaaaybe I can work on keeping later arcs short and sweet, but let’s worry about that later. I decided that with school finished for the semester, I will be dedicating my free time entirely to getting this story arc concluded. At one comic a day, I can finish before New Years with at most six days off. I will definitely use a day off for The Hobbit premiere day, and Christmas of course. I will then probably disperse the other four days off to every Saturday, just to give me a day to chill and enjoy my creation like the good lord did precisely 6000 years ago when dinosaurs and man lived together and magic was yet to be driven to extinction by science.

So consider this my holiday gift to the readers. I definitely feel like its something I can pull off. A few months ago before I started my current job, I was actually doing one comic a day. The reason I didn’t get insanely ahead was because I was also doing a lot of traveling at that time, which would delete my buffer. So I don’t see this as an impossible task.

So enjoy the final leg of the Wastebook saga. I hope the lengthiness of this arc hasn’t been off-putting to anyone :/