So Halo 3 Anniversary isn’t exactly a necessary release but I imagine they’ll make it anyways. SO I thought about it and came up with a wishlist that would make a H3 Anniversary worth having, despite H3 being on Xbox One already through MCC

1. Remastered cutscenes. This is a definite “duh”.
2. Include ODST and it’s Firefight mode. Make this release kind of like the definitive Halo 3 experience. ODST cutscenes should be remastered as well.
3. Rather than do a whole new multiplayer experience and divide H5’s crowd, go the Halo 1 Anniversary route and just package each game with an expansion to Halo 5’s multiplayer. Maps remade from Halo 3. Most importantly, the Foundry and Sandbox maps remade for Halo 5’s superior in every way Forge mode.
4. Firefight Remastered. Basically just new maps to Firefight it up, and new characters to unlock and play as in said Firefight.