Holy crap, okay. No, okay. Okay.

Last Friday had a ton of Halo news drop. Assuming you follow my Facebook page, I was posting links and stuff to it there. But we’ll just talk about it again now. Because Halo.

343i came out and confirmed at least part of everyone’s suspicions concerning the tip-toeing about what “Halo Xbox One” really was in THIS POST. The name for the next Halo was confirmed, and to my surprise, they added a subtitle. Considering every numbered title prior to this did not have a subtitle with it, I don’t really see how it was necessary. And it makes me suspicious, does that mean they can release “Halo 5: Part 2: Hawaii Vacation” and so on? Maybe I’m just being paranoid and the subtitle just fits their artistic vision. Either way, we got some art along with the announcement, one showing off Chief and an unnamed ONI spartan on what I’m pretty sure is Sangelios (the Elite homeworld).

Then, what I feel is no coincidence, on the same day Halo 5: Guardians is officially announced, a rumor surfaces about a Halo collection for the Xbox One coming out this year that collects every game starring Master Chief. The rumor was first reported HERE. If this is confirmed at E3, it’d take me by surprise. I expected Halo 2: Anniversary for sure. But Halo 1-4 ported to current gen? That seems like a big load to take on. But it makes sense in a strategic marketing kind of way. Halo is Microsoft’s flagship series. The Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible and at this time they don’t have a system worked out to provide that like the PS4 does. I imagine they would want to have at least the numbered titles of the series available to Xbox gamers. And its a good way to tell potential new fans “hey, missed out on the series but want to play catch up? Well here’s a nifty bundle that’ll help you do just that.”

Again, it’s all just speculation. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks. But either way, Bonnie Ross reconfirmed what she said at E3 last year. There WILL be a Halo released this year.

And then today, I learned HERE that Minecraft is getting Halo DLC…

With all this Halo news popping up, my inner fanboy has returned. For the first time since the consoles announcement, I’m actually excited for the Xbox One. I have only one response to all of this…

body is ready