So I should probably give a good update on the next story arc. The script is finished, I’ve been fine tuning some things but overall its done. This weekend I’m going to power through it and try to make the type pencil for every page. It’s more or less 60 pages so about equal in length to the Wastebook story arc. I probably won’t get all the type pencils done but I’m gonna give it a shot, as it is a three day weekend for me (so like 20 a day? Is this doable? probably not).

My new job is awesome and I love it but I just can’t dish the comics out like I use to and I apologize again for that V_V when this story arc is done, it will post one page per day, as will all story arcs in the future, so I hope that that makes up for it.

I want to hopefully launch the story arc in September so it will conclude roughly November. It’s got a bit of a timely theme to it so I can’t hesitate on it at all. Let’s see how this goes.