I’ve done this joke twice before, HERE and HERE, the second one playing off the results of the first one. And this one plays off the results of the second one. Logically, if I did this gag again it would have Bryan in Spartan armor wanting to fight flood, and Austin in some other zombie themed game attire. Meaning Bryan would be wanting to play Halo before Austin, which I just don’t think is possible within the current laws of physics. So this is probably the last time this gag will run haha

Also is Halo really considered a zombie game? I mean the first three maybe, but it’s not really entirely about fighting just zombies? Although do I really need to justify drawing Halo? No more than I need to justify my current lack of pants. Pants are bullshit.

Anyways while I’ve got a “The Last Of Us” themed comic present, I heard that all PS4’s will be bundled with that game for free. This is epic news for me. I plan to get a PS4 this year so it’ll be nice to have what is considered one of the greatest video games of all time to play on it.