If I’m being totally honest, I don’t really care that much about most of Lucas’s alterations. Most were cosmetic anyways. The only thing I will never be okay with is the Han / Greedo controversy. The reasoning behind it is so backwards and insane, and its like Lucas brings it up and makes the excuse for it just to get attention haha

I mean, I would not consider Han a “bad guy” for shooting Greedo cold blood. Look who Greedo is. A slimy criminal POS who made a living murdering other people, many of whom I’m sure were innocent of any real wrong doing and only made the mistake of living on the same planet as Jabba the Hutt and refusing to be bullied by him. You’re going to tell me Han is a bad guy for killing such a person? Even in cold blood? No. In fact that only made him more badass.

The only head canon I can accept that makes that whole thing tolerable is the theory that Han Solo was actually force sensitive all along and this allowed Han the reflexes to dodge a blaster bolt, and he just blissfully assumed this was a normal thing.