The difference between violence and crime in a video game and the same thing in a TV show is in a TV show you only witness it as you root for the anti-hero. In a video game, as you role-play as these criminals and commit those acts, the world of the game reacts with hostility. Of course, such a game shouldn’t be played by a minor but there’s ratings for a reason. But this is true for most video games. Take a Bethesda game for example. If you do wrong in those worlds, the game’s characters will be less likely to treat you with respect, if they choose to speak to you at all, IF they aren’t trying to arrest or kill you to get you off the streets for the safety of the other game characters.

See what I mean? If anything these games reinforce a sense of right from wrong by showing you that the world will not allow you to just go around being THE DANGER haha but again, no game with an M rating should ever be played by a child to being with.