So I’ve completed Halo 5: Guardians. It’s certainly too early for spoilers, so I’ll post my review of it HERE. The review won’t give away the story but I will share my thoughts on it regardless so, you know, proceed at risk of said spoilers haha

This is the conclusion of my installation story arc. Sharing some general thoughts on it, I am aware that the game install’s allow you to at least start the story mode before the installation is completed. I ignore that fact for the sake of someone unfamiliar with game installs.

The first few drafts of this concept involved other characters such as Bryan. Gas Mask and Sunny in a more recent draft of the script were going to be present, annoying Austin at every step of the install. However, I finalized the script with Austin being entirely by himself throughout the whole thing. It created a better sense of conflict. The presence of a friend would have distracted Austin, and I liked the idea of him just sitting in his room, desperately watching the install as his patience wares thinner and thinner.

One of the endings was going to show a time lapse saying something like “An eternal wait later” or whatever and it’d have shown Austin and Bryan finishing a game and then Bryan would be like “Man Half-Life 3 was so good, totally worth the wait” and then just before Austin comments on HL3, he see’s the Halo 5 install finished and proceeds to play. However, there was something about the gag that didn’t sit right. I guess it exaggerated the installation time just a little too much, at least in my opinion. Also that would mean Half-Life 3 is out in the world of Austin’s Inferno and I just don’t think I’m ready for that kind of power.

So yep. I’m working on the next story arc right now so stay tuned!