So holy crap. I’ve been doing this for four years. Well, as of the 31st I’ll be doing this for four years. But as I’m launching the new story arc that day, I’ll talk about all things comic-versary in this post.

This comic means a lot to me. I know I’m no Jeph Jacques or Tim Buckley. If I’m ever so bold as to share my comic anywhere but my own facebook, its more often met with negativity if its not entirely ignored altogether. And that’s fine. Even negative feedback tells me where to get better (and is usually quoted in the Spartan Talk comics).

A year ago I launched Art Update 2.0. An ultimate benefit of 2.0 was that it allowed me to experiment with ease on the art style. Tweaking little things like what direction the in lobes of their ears face, how their hair shags, if they have [FRONK]ing EYEBROWS. Shots of Austin and Bryan from their first appearance in 2.0 and their most recent show a lot of these little tweaks I’ve made.a-b-comparisonSo 2.0 was a success in that department at least. The theoretical Art Update 3.0 will take the comic in a Homestuck-esque direction with regular gif animated comics and the occasional flash animation events with a fully original soundtrack. Art Update 4.0 will be a noir style live action film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Tony. Art Update 5.0 will transcend human concepts and will only be enjoyable by dogs and some species of cats, specifically tigers. Art Update 6.0 will break the threshold of infinity, returning us to the first comic, repeating the process until the universe ends.

No but seriously. If you are reading this comic just as you read the last five hundred and fifty something, thank you. I can’t entirely show how thankful I am and perhaps one day I’ll have a way of doing that that actually encompasses just how much I appreciate that you read my comic. I am thankful because I know my comic isn’t the best, but I want to make it better. If one person’s day is improved because of what I’m doing here, that’s what makes this worth doing.