There was some leaked Fallout 4 footage taken at a conference here recently that started making its rounds across the net. It started on Youtube I believe, but was very quickly taken down. Hilariously, the video ended up on PornHub, under the title “Hidden Camera Shows Audience Teased By Big Butt Man In Tights Live”. No joke. It was just a poor quality video of Fallout 4 sitting there among so so very much sin. People were going onto PornHub to watch the Fallout video. Yep. Just the Fallout video, and then they left because porn is icky and masturbation is the Devil’s typewriter.

lol but yeah as of writing this blog post, the video has been removed. Clearly Bethesda requested its removal after going onto PornHub and seeing for themselves that the video was uploaded there, and then of course leaving immediately and not watching any other videos.

I did actually get to see the video myself. The quality was pretty bad, but one can’t complain in matters of Fallout (jk there will probably be loads of complaints about the new Fallout). I didn’t watch the whole video as I’ve kinda went dark on Fallout 4 (though I may appreciate a new cinematic trailer). After deciding I had seen enough, I left the website that instant, without searching for any sort of videos related to fetishes that may or may not involve high heels and balloons.