Well Bowser seems to approve of Yoshi’s new fighting style. Fast, brutal, efficient. All the traits of the Spartans.

Ground pound is actually pretty common with a lot of Nintendo characters, I mean Mario did it in 64. But I’m just more of a Yoshi guy really. And ground pounds are my primary attack in Smash so…

It’s a fun ability to attempt in Halo 5, though tricky. It’s mostly useful for if you don’t trust a corner. If someone is waiting to ambush you with the sword, you can throw a ground pound down and knock their shields out, usually gives you a couple seconds to kill them before they get you with the sword.

Giving “natural” abilities to everyone in Halo 5 has helped make a much more traditional Halo multiplayer. Halo 5’s multiplayer feels way more like a sequel to Halo 3’s, where as Reach and 4’s was a lot more experimental. And by experimental I mean they were trying to mimic Call of Duty. By making it so all the abilities can be done by everyone at any time, it really balances out the field. It’s brutal and unforgiving and that really makes it feel like the multiplayer from the original trilogy. I love it.