I was a huge fan of the original Yoshi’s Island. That’s practically the video game that made me a gamer. I say practically because I think prior to getting a Super Nintendo I would just play random computer games like Little Big World on my Mom’s PC.

Anyways, the Shy Guys. What’s up with them? Like they’re clearly an advanced species, enough to tailor their own clothes. They have communities, they craft weapons, they even construct propeller blades that they install on their heads to help them traverse the island. They are intelligent beings that live on Yoshi’s Island, and based on their names, they are very to themselves. They never harmed nobody. So I find it horrifying that as a Yoshi, we eat them. We [FRONK]ing EAT them. Life on Yoshi’s Island is a constant nightmare for a Shy Guy. They must live in secrecy, avoiding the wrath of the Yoshi overlords who hunt them down.

I really wanna get Yoshi’s New Island, but I’m never particularly enthusiastic about the “cutesy” style Yoshi games have taken. The original Yoshi’s Island was no more cutesy than any other Mario game at the time. It was just a cartoon, and I really preferred that style over the “pop up book” and “yarn and cloth” style that practically every Yoshi game has had for the past few years.