Sorry for no animation in this one. I didn’t feel there was anything that would have been necessary to make the joke any funnier. Not that any comics I ever make are funny.

I just want to comment on Pokemon Go. Straight up, I haven’t played it as it’s not made for Windows Phone. But I have enjoyed the way the entire world changed over night as soon as it was released, and in many ways for the better. Most ways honestly. Finally, augmented reality is being used in a way that’s actually fun and not turning your face to a dog on snapchat.

Next week I will be at San Diego Comic Con! I’m going to work on a comic to post for next Friday but if last minute preparation becomes a bit much, I have a few guest comics to run that I’ve been holding onto for a rainy day. Or in this case a sunny day in San Diego during comic con. ANYWAYS. The Friday after my return, I will post a picture compilation like I always do after a con and then regular posts will resume.

Update on the story arc, I’ve completed the type pencils for each page. I’m finishing at least one page a day from now until September when I start the arc. I will have all of them done within the month if I can maintain doing one a day while occasionally completing a few extra on days I have the time!