The Halo comic series Escalation continues the story of Spartan Ops concerning a rogue Dr. Halsey. Spartan Sarah Palmer clashes with her so much, and in a recent comic stated that all missions concerning Halsey are “personal”. Now, I get that Halsey has done some monstrous stuff. But as long as we’re talking about the Spartan program, there were worst people involved. I’m looking at you ACKERSON.


Dude had a tendency for losing his head.

Anyways, back to Halsey v. Palmer: Dawn of Justice, I don’t get why Palmer makes it personal with Halsey. For a while I had a head canon that Halsey found out she had an older brother who was indoctrinated into the Spartan-II program, and finding this out lead to her issues with Halsey. But then it would turn out that Master Chief was her older brother.

I, however, abandoned this head canon when I realized that means Master Chief’s full name is John Palmer.


Not to be mistaken with the self-published author of the book “How To Brew”. This guy’s the real hero.

So why does Palmer really take it personally with Halsey? Is she just making it personal for moral reasons due to disagreement with what the Spartan-II program was? Perhaps she’s pissed about Halsey switching sides, which is totally justified though Palmer had issues with Halsey before Halsey ever gave the thought of turn-coating a passing glance.

Or maybe, just maybe, mini-game based party games are the real enemy here.