So I know some of you like to read my comic using the Comic Chameleon app. There are perks to reading on said app. The only one being that sometimes when I’m not swamped by homework, I’ll post the comics hours earlier. If the comic is done ahead of time of course which usually only happens when I’m not swamped by homework.

Anyways I guess another perk is you can read it from the comfort of a mobile device. Cool huh?

This luxury has only been available to iOS users, until now. Comic Chameleon is running a kickstarter to bring it to the Android. Yeah I figure a lot of you don’t have Android. But some of you probably do. That’s why I’m blogging about this today. If you back the kickstarter, you’ll be able to read Austin’s Inferno and a whole ton of other better comics wherever you want! In your living room, the bathroom, at school, on a first date with someone you’ve REALLY been excited about getting together with but their one thing is they hate when other people are constantly looking down at their phones.

Yep, you can totally read comics on your phone during those times. But you probably shouldn’t on the first date one, unless you just found out he or she is a vegan in which case go for it.

Hahahah nah no offense to my vegan brothers and sisters I love you guys.

seriously please don’t hurt me.

If you are an iOS user, there are plenty of other reasons to back it. For starters, all stretch goals extend to the iOS version. As well, backing can get you tons of cool prints and custom sketches from lots of awesome artists.

Not me though cause I’m neither awesome or an artist.

Anyways stop sitting here questioning my self esteem and go back that project.