Crouch jumping has basically just been turned into a Spartan Ability in the beta. If something is just barely too tall for you to jump over, where in the past you would have to crouch mid air to make it over it, in Halo 5 your spartan simply does an animation where he/she parkours over it. It’s pretty cool and makes for more fluid and lifelike looking movement around you as you play.

Unrelated, the spartans all have voices. Like your team talks to you. Not the players on their mics calling you obscenities, I mean they have recorded dialogue for your team. If you save someone, their spartan will thank you. If someone dies, you’ll hear a spartan inform you of that if they witnessed it go down. It’s, idk, it’s cool and helpful and annoying all at the same time. Like I said, knowing where a teammate went down exactly when it happens gives you a means of knowing what’s going down where in the arena. It’s cool when you get positive feedback from teams (not something I’m used to since I suck. Let’s just say I mute everyone when ever possible) even if its not from an actual person and in actuality, the teammate you saved is probably cussing you out for stealing his kill.

But then yeah, it’s kinda annoying just because its there. Can’t explain it, and maybe it’ll just become part of the Halo experience in time? More often then not it proves to be useful, they call out when the enemy has certain weapons and what not. So I mean its almost an ability in its own right, just not one you do by choice as you’re playing. It’s like your Spartan has an AI doing it as you’re playing. Or something. Maybe I’m just insecure that my spartan sounds like a little kid and says really embarrassing things on accident, like me in real life.

I’d like for them to take a play from the Destiny book and give Spartans the dance off ability. Screw the haters, Spam Dancing is love, Spam Dancing is life.