So No Man’s Sky amazes me. It amazed me as soon as I heard about it. Just the scope.

The developers didn’t create the planets. They just created an algorithm. One that generates the universe. And on each world generates the potential for life, and when said potential comes through, generates the evolutionary chain of events that creates the species on each planet.

Isaac Newton’s idea of God was a clockmaker. Not a being who over saw every single aspect of the universe, but merely set it into motion through whatever means. This is the closest thing to my own personal beliefs, which also include the belief that one day we will be God. And this game is monumental to me, because its the most vivid and colorful step in that direction.

Someday we will create universes. In those universes will be trillions of intelligent beings who believe we are listening to everything they say. And little do they know, when they are up a creek without a paddle and reaching out to us for help, we probably won’t be listening because it’s laundry night and we need to find some quarters.