So I’ve talked on here before about various internet activism I participate in, Net Neutrality being a specific hot topic issue that regularly stays in the lime light.

With an important vote coming up on December 14th and only days to pressure the FCC to make the right decision, I decided to pause the story arc (on a cliffhanger nonetheless, so I apologize haha) and bring up the reasons I feel this issue is important to me.

So if you want to help, follow THIS LINK and add your voice to the cause!

Facts on Net Neutrality:

Examples of Violations:

Transcript of comic’s info:

By now, you have more than likely heard about a little thing called Net Neutrality. What is that? It is a principal that all information on the internet be treated equally by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In 2015, ISPs became classified as a Title II in the Communications Act. This means there are regulations in place that would require your ISP to respect Net Neutrality.

The current FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has made it his sworn goal to repeal the current Net Neutrality protections, claiming that regulation hurts investment into ISPs. However, many independent metrics claim that is complete bullshit. Before these Net Neutrality rules were in place, ISPs could block, throttle or slow down any website they wanted. The only thing preventing them from doing this was the legal equivalent of a pinky promise. Without Net Neutrality, the online free market is under the jurisdiction of your ISP, a for-profit company that would have no issue slowing down your small business if your competition paid them to do so.

You can help prevent this though. The FCC will hold a vote to repeal Net Neutrality on December 14th. If you call your representatives, they could pressure the FCC to make the right decision on the matter. So follow the links below and join the fight for the internet!