Teenage girls cannot resist the lure of a good mirror.

This comic is actually a deleted scene from the Wastebook story arc. I ended up cutting it and two other comics in the name of shortening the script to fit in the time period I wanted to publish it, all three of which probably would have been used if not for the fact that some jack ass abandoned a litter of puppies on my doorstep during the time.

*EH-hemmm* So yeah, this comic was cut simply because while it was on the theme of Wastebook, it wasn’t entirely necessary as it was already apparent that everyone was hooked on social networking in that arc. However, this comic was actually one of a few ideas I had had in a much earlier cut of that story arc. Originally, Tori was going to be the main villain helping Wastebook take control of everyone. There was going to be a sub-plot about her being a Wastebook addict, and the AI was able to take control of her quicker due to her constant usage. I ended up deciding it would be best if Wastebook had an equal pull on everyone’s minds, otherwise one could reason that Tony who doesn’t use the app as much would probably have been able to fight off its control, and I was very set on having Tony be the kind of “final boss” if you will for that arc.

Anyways, I ended up deciding that Abby would make a better villain in that arc as it would have given Miranda a far more personal reason for wanting to shut the AI down. It definitely made the final scene where Abby was convincing Miranda to give in a lot more intense. If it were anyone but her best friend, Miranda wouldn’t have been as easily persuaded. Plus Abby was exposed to it first, almost kinda justifying having it infect her before anyone else.

So yeah just thought I’d share that thought process since getting around to doing this comic reminded me that that was a different direction that the Wastebook saga almost took haha

Of the other two cut comics, one involved the poli-twins and will probably be used sometime later. The other was another Lego Movie gag towards the ending that I cut entirely because I felt like after the climax, that joke was pretty dried out haha