Sorry I easily could have had this comic done at least an hour earlier but I ended up deciding to make all the background games various images I’ve drawn over the years and going through my not so organized collection of psds and jpegs dating back to 2010 was not as straight forward as I would have hoped haha

Memories of Reach launched today. I use to give Reach a really hard time. I’m a die hard fan of the novel Fall of Reach (as are many Halo fans considering how many adaptations of the novel have been created and are immediately bought up. Out next year: The Fall of Reach holiday claymation special). Most my dislike of Reach stemmed from my devotion to Eric Nylund’s masterpiece, which was in conflict with Reach’s campaign and was partially retconned up until 343 came up with a forced but acceptable explanation for how the two stories co-exist. But I digress! Looking at Halo 5’s train wreck of a campaign, there’s a longing for the days of Halo Reach where maybe the campaign didn’t live up to your expectations but it at least didn’t drag the entire franchise down with maliciously deceptive marketing and poorly devised plot twists lololololol *cries*